Kanjuro Shibata XIX Kanjuro Shibata XIX

Since the 16th century when the first Shibata Kanjuro moved to the city of Kyoto, the Shibata family has maintained an unbroken lineage as master archers and bow makers for the Shogunate and daimyo families. In1889 the XVIII. Shibata was appointed Onyumishi or official Bowmaker to the Emperor of Japan.  This title has come down through the generations.  The current title holder is Kanjuro Shibata XXI.

Kanjuro Shibata XX

The Official Bowmaker’s duties included creating the Goshinpo Yumi, or sacred bows, used in the purification and consecration of the shrine at Ise, the principal temple of the Shinto religion, at ceremonies held every twenty years.


Several of the Kanjuro Shibatas have also been master archers of the Bishu Chikurin branch of the Heki-ryu school of Kyudo. 

Kanjuro Shibata XXI Kanjuro Shibata XXI

The current master of Bishu Chikurin branch of the Heki-ryu school of Kyudo is Kanjuro Shibata XXI.


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